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Welcome to Philly Raqs!

Over 2,000 visitors turn to Philly Raqs every month for the latest and greatest information on belly dance in the area!

What is Philly Raqs?
This website is for belly dancers and those interested in belly dancing in the Greater Philadelphia area, including Southeastern Pennsylvania, Northern Delaware, South Jersey and Central Pennsylvania.
What does "Philly Raqs" mean?
Belly dance is called raqs al sharqi (or raks sharki, or variations thereof) in the Middle East. Thus, this site is Philly Raqs for two reasons:

  • The webmaster can't resist a terrible pun
  • The name roughly means "Philly dances," and this city truly does

There is so much going on in the belly dance community in our area, and it's all here. Please email the webmaster, Bassmah, with local information that you would like to see on this site - events, instructors, restaurants, whatever you feel needs to be included here.

Philly Raqs Features

Philly Raqs is a comprehensive resource for all belly dance information in the Greater Philadelphia area. Here, you can find news articles, events, instructors, local business and restaurants, and more.

For those looking for belly dancers at their next event, there is information on how to hire a dancer and what to expect.

This site is run by one dedicated belly dancer, with some help from her friends in the dance community. If you would like to make a contribution to keep this site running, she would appreciate it.